Coming up this spring, Tribalistic will be offering 2 clinics. The clinics will be open to all members of Triathlon Manitoba.




Coaches: Patrick Peacock and Jared Spier


Saturday May 12th from 1-3pm at Bird’s Hill Park

(Registration closes on May 7th)

-Cycling and Running for Triathlon

This clinic is intended to provide triathletes with familiarization of the skills required for the Triathlon Bike and run course as well as transition.

*Athletes will require their cycling and running equipment.


Schedule of Events and Topics

1:00pm: Welcome at East Beach Parking Lot in Bird’s HIll Park.


  1. Turning: Maintaining Speed, Position
  2. Braking
  3. Swim to Bike Mounts
  4. Bike to run Dismounts
  5. Fuel and Hydration
  6. Passing/Pacing

2:00pm: Transition to the Run

  1. Last 2km of the bike
  2. Bike Dismount
  3. Finding the run legs and pacing

2:30pm: Run

  1.  Technique Cues/Common inefficiencies
  2.  Fuel and Hydration
  3.  Breathing and Cadence vs. Stride rate and length
  4.  Drills and Warm ups
  5. Pacing for Racing and Conditions

3:00pm: Closing and Questions


Saturday June 16th from 10am-12pm at St. Malo Provincial Park Beach

(Registration closes on June 11th)

-Open Water Swimming and Transitions for Triathlon


The clinic will be held at the site of the St. Malo Triathlon Transition zone.

The clinic is designed to assist new and experienced swimmers with the knowledge and skills to be comfortable and to excel in open water swim settings.

*This will be an active clinic athletes should be prepared for all weather and to be in the water for extended periods of time.

**Although this is be active it is not a workout session with long distances of swimming required.


Schedule of Events and Topics

9:30am: Registration at the Blue Tribalistic Tent, Beach side

10:00am: Beach side welcome and discussion

  1. Open water swimming guidelines and cautions

10:30am: Getting dressed for an open water swim

10:45am:  Warm Up and Starts

Shallow/beach or deep water

11:15am: Open Water Skills and Drills

  1. Sighting/swimming straight
  2. Turns
  3. Drafting
  4. Pack swimming
  5. Pacing

11:45am: Preparing for Transition

  1. Shallow vs deep water
  2. Finding your legs
  3. Removing the wetsuit
  4. Transition Map and review

12:00pm: Closing and Questions

To Register:


  • $25 per clinic
  • Email Patrick at ppeacock at
  • E-Transfers are accepted at the same email address


Download Agenda here:


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