Saturday Workout Details
Hello Saturday Cyclists!
As I’m sure you’re aware, this Saturday will be our first cycling workout at Pure Lifestyle.

Here are a few key points to help ensure everyone knows what to expect, and that we can make the best of our new locale:
1)  The door will open at 8:15am, with the workout start at 8:30am.  Same schedule as last year – same schedule for every week to follow.
2)  We’ll be using the ‘back door’ at Pure, on the East side of the building (away from Empress).  This means you’ll want to park on the East side of the building too – the West/Empress side is closed for repairs anyway.  I don’t expect the area to be busy on Saturday mornings, but please be aware of any parking restrictions, for reserved spaces or doors to other businesses.

3)  Be prepared to take your outdoor shoes off as soon as you enter, so that we can help keep their facility clean – this likely means laces undone as you come through the door, so that you can kick your shoes off (we’ll have a mat) and we can keep the line of people moving.
4)  Drinking water is available.  However, so as not to be a burden on Pure’s bills, we’d prefer to keep that limited to refills.  Come with full bottles and help us out in this regard.
5)  To take part in the Core Strength / Injury Prevention routine after the bike ride, please bring your own Yoga Mat – we won’t be using the Pure equipment.
6)  Showers and Change Rooms are available, all you’ll need to supply is your own towels.
7)  If you’re wanting to run after the bike/core workout, plan to store your bike in the car, as the facility will be vacant and locked after our workout.
and perhaps most importantly…
8)  We no longer have Garret or the Woodcock Service desk available to us at these workouts.  You’ll need to pump your tires before the ride and ensure that your bike and equipment are fully prepared for the workout.  In fact, it might be best to just do that now, right?
If you have any other questions or clarifications needed, please let us know by using the Contacting Us page!
Thanks again for joining us for this year’s winter workouts.  We’re really looking forward to seeing everyone Saturday morning.
Until then,
Jared Spier
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