Did Someone Say Ice Cream?!
Join us for the last ride of June on Wednesday June 29th! We will begin at 6pm in Assiniboine Park at the Duck Pond. Be sure to tuck a $5 bill in your jersey pocket, and plan on ruining your dinner!
We will do the usual group ride out towards Headingley with some single paceline work with maybe a breakaway or two! We will stop in that wonderful little town that we always ride through (two abreast…) and support the local economy with the purchase of some delightfully frozen dairy delights! (Ice Cream), before beginning the ride back into the city.
Please also note the following summer schedule updates:
1. Always check the training schedule calendar in the summer. We will try very hard to keep the schedule consistent through the summer, but life comes up and schedules change.
2. With racing, vacations and travel there will be a reduced summer schedule (as per usual) and no weekend workouts.
3. We’re hoping to concentrate the summer workouts and get as many members out mid week as possible, so plan for the following:
Tuesday and Wednesday evenings beginning at 6pm from the Assiniboine Park Duck Pond.
Tuesday evening will focus on some longer individual time trial type efforts. This is a great workout to focus on race pace and above riding, while knowing that there is a group looking out for you.
Wednesday evening will continue to be the group ride. Come out to work on your bike handling, drafting and group riding skills. Shorts bursts and sprints will be the focus on these evenings.
As triathletes, there is always the option to run off any of the rides, so leave your running shoes by the door so when you step in, you can quickly transition to a run.

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