Racine Ironman 70.3

Gillian Robinson and Brant Harvey did an incredible thing. Together as husband and wife and training partners they trained under coach Pat Peacock to achieve a VERY amazing goal; completing an Ironman 70.3 in 2013. They accomplished this goal during a year of change and adversity. They were an inspiration to club members and we are totally proud that they reached their goal together. Take a peek at their race journey below.

Gillian and Brant

Approximately 2,500 racers participated in the Racine Ironman 70.3 on July 21 in Wisconsin.

After a 1-mile walk from Transition to the Beach Start, racers were sent off in about 20 different waves four minutes apart. The Swim Course saw racers swim straight out about  200m before making a turn and following the shoreline  1500m back in the direction of Transition and then about 200m back into shore to finish. There were large waves almost as tall as us rolling in towards shore which made the first 200 m out to the first buoy a bit of a battle and made the rest of the swim interesting as well. The lifeguards and swim course volunteers deserve lots of thanks as they worked very hard that morning.

The bike course followed various routes in and around town packed with lots of rolling hills and turns. We were thankful the route was so well marked and lined with Course Marshalls or else we would have been lost trying to follow the course for sure. We had been told that the road surfaces were in poor shape before riding the route ourselves but we didn’t find that the roads were too bad at all. Maybe we have spent a little too much time training on #10 through RM National Park…

The 21km run course was 2 out and back loops that provided some nice views of Lake Michigan. It was getting pretty hot out on the run and we were again grateful for all the supporters that packed the run course and set up sprinklers, sprayed water guns and cheered us on.

We had a great time doing our first (and maybe not last) 70.3! As with most triathlon events we attend, we met lots of great people before, during and after the race. Lake Michigan can be sneaky (we saw it go from 57F and flat to high 60s and 5foot waves in the span of 2 days), but it is really beautiful and a great setting and backdrop for a triathlon. We were very impressed with the volunteerism and community support in Racine- it really made the race.

We saw some pretty hilarious signs held up by supporters along the bike and run course too but you will have to ask Brant about those at a workout…I am going to keep this post appropriate for all ages!

Gillian Robinson and Brant Harvey

Look forward to more athlete profiles in the coming weeks!

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